Yapı Kredi Koray in Brief

One of the leading real estate investment companies in Turkey
An acknowledged leader of the real estate industry in Turkey, Yapı Kredi Koray commenced operation in December 1996 as a joint venture of Yapı Kredi Bank and the Koray Group. Since then, Yapı Kredi Koray has focused its attentions on putting all of its experience, knowledge, and energies to work in the realization of projects that are people-oriented and capable of satisfying the continuously expanding and changing needs of city life.

Original projects that embody many novelties
Yapı Kredi Koray's projects with their superior qualities and innovative applications in the sector have been fully distinguished and have been appreciated not only by its focus groups but by the international counterparts, as well.

Among the projects that the company has established, are İstanbul Istanbul, Istanbul Zen, Istanbul Bis, Evidea, Ankara Ankara, Neo Shopping and Lifestyle Center and Ankara- Çankaya project whose construction has been finalized. Ankara-Çankaya project has been located in Çankaya, Ankara's most prestigious district and its sales of residential units and rents of commercial units still continue.

Enjoyable living spaces, profitable investments
Yapı Kredi Koray's basic goal is to correctly analyze market expectations in order to realize its unmatched projects at international standards. Every project that the company develops is as much focused on creating an enjoyable living space as on being a profitable investment.

Superior project development strengths
In addition to owning and managing a solid portfolio of real estate properties, Yapı Kredi Koray is also one of the strongest on the project development side of the sector, as well.
A capacity to create concepts and transform them into trademarks strengthens Yapı Kredi Koray's market position while also generating demand for the new projects that it develops.
Yapı Kredi Koray's avowed principle is to develop turnkey delivery projects that bring original concepts to people's lives while also providing high-quality marketing and after-sales services.