Ankara Çankaya

Ankara's most prestigious district

Located in Çankaya, Ankara's most prestigious district, this project consists of three residential blocks (two 8-story and one 6-story) and three commercial blocks (two 5-story and one 3-story). The project includes a shopping center that will give residents and visitors access to the world's leading brands and labels.

Located on İran Caddesi, Ankara's premier thoroughfare, every detail of the Çankaya project reveals the uncompromising care that Yapı Kredi Koray gives to quality in every detail. A boutique project blending classical and modern lines

With an architecture that is already the object of high esteem and is a candidate to make over the whole look of İran Caddesi, Yapı Kredi Koray's Ankara Çankaya is a signature work by the architect Haluk Tümay, whose excellent treatment of facades and of landscaping within the complex contribute to the architectural elegance of the whole.

An outstanding investment for the future Regarded as Ankara's most prestigious project because of its location, Ankara Çankaya provides owners a matchless living space as well as an opportunity to make an outstanding investment in their futures.

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