A sophisticated and enjoyable estate housing option 

Located at Çekmeköy on the Asian side of İstanbul, Evidea is a joint venture of Yapı Kredi Koray and Doğuş GE GYO in which each controls a 50% stake.

The first project of its kind in the sector, Evidea occupies about 34.000 m² of land in the Ümraniye-Çekmeköy region on the road between İstanbul and Şile. Consisting of 9-story (maximum) residential blocks fully supported by amenities, Evidea provides its residents with a living complex whose architecture and functionality make it an outstanding example of such developments. Set near the Alemda¤ forests of Ümraniye, Evidea is a distinctive living space in which attention has been given to everything that gives us pleasure in life and that we miss when we're surrounded by the city.

Evidea consists of 473 units in the 70 m² to 205 m² range and 1+1 to 4+1 category whose alternatives and options have been carefully designed down to the smallest detail.

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