İstanbul Zen

Unlimited daylight

The second project undertaken by Yapı Kredi Koray, İstanbul Zen was designed to achieve a harmonious blend of countryside repose and urban comfort far from the pressures and concerns of metropolitan living. Situated in the earthquake resistant Göktürk region, the project occupies 10.000 m² of grounds near İstanbul İstanbul.

İstanbul Zen brings a new melody to the Göktürk region with perfect infrastructure and comfort surrounded by greenery. Units went on sale in June 2004 and were delivered to their owners in March 2006, adding yet another city living space with the Yapı Kredi Koray guarantee of quality and security.

During the project design process, new worldwide trends were studied and attention was given to details that would create not just a quality place in which to live but also a profitable investment vehicle.

With architecture rooted in the Far Eastern principle of “Living in a place means understanding that you are living there and waking up to life”, İstanbul Zen was built to achieve perfect harmony of light, nature, green, and wood. There are 74 residential units in the 2+1 to 4+1 categories with nine different types consisting of garden duplexes and terraced duplexes as well as three tower blocks containing single-story, gallery, intermediary duplex, and corner duplex units.

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